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A: Once you've filled in your details on our website, you'll be added to the list of residents and businesses that are interested in receiving Gigabit capable Fibre Broadband. If you've opted into email newsletters, every so often we'll send you information about how the project is doing. If enough interest is gathered, the building of the infrastructure will start. Once this has completed, you'll need to sign up to a package from a provider to benefit.

A: Good question! The fibre you have already is most likely 'fibre-to-the-cabinet' broadband, where the actual fibre stops at the street cabinet that serves your premises, with the rest of the line to your premises remaining copper. This can mean a significant drop off in speeds even if you live a short distance from the cabinet. However, with Gigabit capable Fibre Broadband a technology called 'fibre-to-the-premises' is used where the whole line to your house from the exchange is fibre cable. This results in much higher speeds than fibre-to-the-cabinet.

A: Not necessarily! Many providers are already providing packages for the technology that our roll out will use, called fibre-to-the-premises. It's worth checking with them once the roll out is nearly complete.

A: No, residents or businesses will not be required to pay anything towards the building of the infrastructure. The whole cost will be covered by a Government voucher scheme. The only condition is that once the build is complete, residents and businesses that have expressed interest must sign up to a broadband package on the new infrastructure. However, you are most likely paying for a broadband package already and a package on the new Gigabit capable Fibre Broadband network could actually save you money compared to your existing one.

A: Most likely not. Openreach (who will handle the installation) will try to use existing ducts and telegraph poles where possible, minimising distruption. When the broadband is installed into your premises, it will also come from the existing telegraph pole or duct where the existing copper phone lines come from.

A: Following a consultation with Openreach, we have now taken the decision to extend our project to more areas of the village and surrounding areas so that more residents and businesses can take advantage of gigabit-capable fibre broadband. We're now only looking for registrations from the new area, or phase, of the project, but all previous registrations still remain valid and both phases will be receiving fibre broadband.

A: No, not at all! We have expanded the coverage of our project, but we are only looking for new registrations from the areas we didn't cover before. If you registered previously, there is no need to register again as we still have your details. Addresses in both phases of the project will be receiving fibre broadband if we are successful.

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