Gigabit capable Fibre Broadband can bring a whole host of benefits to your home life or business.

No Extra Cost

This project will be at no extra costs to residents! As the project will be funded fully by a government grant scheme, we just need to show that there is interest for fibre broadband in the area and that residents are willing to sign up.

Speed Benefits

With Gigabit capable Fibre Broadband you can access speeds of up to 1000Mbps, depending on your chosen package and provider. In practice this means downloading a 7GB film in around 3 minutes, or downloading a 25GB game in around 10 minutes. This is a very noticable speed difference that is sure to make a difference to any video streaming, game downloads or any other activity online.

Property Valuation

Openreach have found that having access to an Gigabit capable Fibre Broadband connection can increase the value of a house by up to 1%. Access to fast broadband is becoming a common requirement for people looking to buy a house. Ensure your house is future proofed by registering your interest now.

Money Saving

Broadband plans delivered over the new network currently start at less than £30 per month and could potentially save you money on your current broadband bill along with increasing your current speed.

Future Proofing your Home or Business

In your home, streaming and catchup TV services are becoming more common and more high quality. Our existing infrastructure can barely cope with the strain of using these platforms. When you consider all online activities, such as online shopping, gaming, social media and more, it's a wonder how we're coping with such slow speeds.

Gigabit capable Fibre Broadband will allow you to stream videos, movies and TV shows at 4K quality with ease, while other devices are being used for the same or completely different tasks.

For your business, Gigabit capable Fibre Broadband could allow you to start selling your products online, you could save potentially thousands of pounds per year on a leased line Internet connection or you could even host your own website on premises.

Future Proofing our Community

Technologies like 5G will depend upon Gigabit capable Fibre Broadband being in place. If we want our community to benefit from the economical and quality of life benefits that technologies like 5G bring, we need Gigabit cable Fibre Broadband.

What are you waiting for?

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